Immigration Law

Whether you wish to visit, work, study or move to Australia, there are a wide range of visas that can be deemed suitable in helping people coming to Australia. These visas further require a multitude of various documentation and forms that will assist in determining whether or not you are eligible.

Our immigration lawyers and migration agents have experience in all facets of migration to assist throughout the process altogether, from the minute you contact us to the moment you are comfortably established successfully in Australia.
MiC Lawyers will work out a personal plan tailored to your circumstances that provides a service that will achieve the best results possible.

We have offices in Auburn and Parramatta, contact one of our experienced immigration lawyers directly on (+61)2 9749 5552.

Our Lawyers/Agents are versed in the following areas;

  • All areas of immigration, including family visas, skilled migration, citizenship.
  • Setting a business in Australia through means of a business visa
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