Family Law

MiC Lawyers is a Sydney-based law firm located in Auburn and Parramatta that truly understands the difficulties families face when arranging their assets and financial affairs prior to getting married or entering into a relationship. Further important considerations arise when the relationship is ended and there are property and children to acknowledge.

Our team consists of the most decorated and experienced family lawyers within Sydney, we offer our time and attention to cater for the concerns of our clients in order to establish the best direction forward. We will take a look at the situation as a whole and comprehend your feelings, needs and directions.

However your situation may be, our team of solicitors, barristers and paralegals at MiC Lawyers will provide you with the best outcome possible. We possess the experience, resources and capabilities to guide you through such complications.

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Our specialities include

Processing a divorce settlement , splitting of assets including property

Arranging Financial Arrangements

Consent Orders

Buying or selling a house

Matters concerning children such as custody and support arrangements

Creating a legal will


Can I assume custody of my children?

To get sole custody of your child, you need to rebut the presumption of equal shared parental responsibility and prove to a court that sole custody of your child is in your child’s best interests.

How do I start the divorce process?
Our experienced criminal lawyers can make the difference