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The team at MIC Lawyers & Associates incorporates over 50 years of invaluable experience in the legal industry

About MIC Lawyers

MIC Lawyers is a heavily sought-after law firm specialising in all facets of law. Since our inception 7 years ago, our firm has grown a reputation of exceptional standards through our results and experience. We have a great understanding of the law and statute as well as the responsibilities of the authorities who enforce such rules. MIC Lawyers is founded by Muhammad Iqbal Chaudhry, a lawyer who has become the staple for defending the rights of clients throughout Australia, particularly within the Asian community. As a former member of the police, he is well aware of the nature of the law and the most suitable avenues to protect and sustain the rights of individuals.

Muhammad Chaudhary, Principal Solicitor of MIC Lawyers

MIC Lawyers is further made up of excellent legal practitioners and advocates. With our combined 50+ years of experience within the legal profession, we have adjudicated thousands of cases ranging from serious criminal matters involving grievous bodily harm to extensive property settlements exc eeding tens of millions. Further to our experience in such matters, our firm has engaged in litigation through cases conducted in the Highest Courts in Australia. We have tried cases in the High Court of Australia and have ascertained our presence throughout the nation in the Local, District and Supreme courts as well as various tribunals and mediations.

Our Services

Court Action

Immigration Law

Need a visa to maintain a lawful stay in Australia? Unsure how to become a Permanent Resident? We provide a quality understanding of migration laws and an affordable service that you cannot find elsewhere!

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Police Matters

Criminal Law

Going to court for a criminal case or traffic matter can be unnerving, whether it is an AVO, a hearing or an appeal, our team will provide an exemplary means of defence tailored to your circumstance.

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Family & De Facto

Family Law

The breakdown of your marriage or de facto relationship can often be an enduring period, these challenges require an experienced team who are committed to providing quality legal services.

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Doc Certification

Property Law

Purchasing a house? Selling an apartment? Our firm provides an experienced and affordable service that will help you achieve your property ambitions with ease.

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Migrate to Australia

Migration Agent

Have you been serviced with a Court Attendance notice? Do you require legal representation to settle a dispute? Our team is well versed in civil matters and will assist you in resolving the matter promptly and efficiently.

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Get in touch

With over 25 years of business experience and 15 years commercial legal experience, we can assist with all matters.

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Our values

Our firm has an established policy of ensuring that each and every client of ours is being provided the best legal representation possible. We take immense pride and passion in representing our clientele and have, and always will be the cornerstone of dependability upon which quality legal services are provided. Our team has developed a reputation for being extremely accessible to our clients whilst demonstrating genuine commitment to every client and their circumstances. In our belief, it is our commitment to these standards that separates our firm from others.

It is our ongoing commitment to our clients and our demand for the utmost standards for the professionalism that have contributed to our growth since our inception 8 years ago. Our success depends on your success and your happiness. That is solely why we have a range of promises and initiatives to achieve the best outcome possible regardless of what matter we are handled to take care of, whether it be a criminal offence, family dispute or an immigration-related matter.

Our Community Involvement

Our success is based upon societal justice, therefore we consider it our duty to provide back to the community.

MIC Lawyers is a law firm built on the foundation of vast societal values and therefore a defining feature of our service is the accessibility we provide for impoverished communities and individuals who do not possess the resources that would ordinarily provide them with an exceptional legal defence, however we do our best to seek out such cases and devote energy and resources to such individuals and communities.

Pro Bono

Each and every member of our firm is passionate about protecting the rights of Australians. This is why we contribute our resources and talents to legal work that is of direct benefit to local communities and individuals where our firm does not receive a financial benefit.


We are proud to say that our staff regularly commit to participation in events in the local community, our firm encourages and respects these activities by offering volunteer leave.

Legal Aid

We are proud to say that our staff regularly commit to participation in events in the local community, our firm encourages and respects these activities by offering volunteer leave.

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